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White Knights Baldivis Cricket Club: The Pride of Rockingham's Sports Scene

and Baldivis Districts Sports Complex is again abuzz with the news of being nominated for the City of Rockingham’s 2023 Sports Star Awards. Competing under the 'Champion Club of the Year' category, this nomination is a testament to the club's exemplary achievements over the past year.

The WKBCC isn't just a club; it's a community. With an impressive lineup of 7 men's teams and a pioneering senior female side in the Peel Cricket Association, it stands tall in its commitment to inclusivity and sportsmanship. Additionally, with 16 junior teams with almost 300 members, the club ensures that the flame of cricket passion burns brightly in the hearts of Rockingham and the Greater Baldivis' young talents.

Dazzling Sports Achievements:

Success isn't an accident for WKBCC; it's a habit. The seven senior sides didn't just compete; they dominated, each securing a place in the preliminary final. While competition was fierce, four teams emerged as Grand Finalists, with two clinching the title as Premiers in C and D Grade. These accolades speak volumes of their dedication and enthusiasm.

Noteworthy Off-field Endeavor’s:

Beyond the game lies the spirit of community. 2023 was a milestone year as WKBCC transitioned to their state-of-the-art abode at the Baldivis Districts Sports Complex. More than just a ground, this facility symbolises growth, community, and a bright future. Moreover, their accolade as 'Community Club of the Year' at the WA Community Cricket Awards isn't just a win; it's a testament to their unwavering commitment to cricket and the community.

At the heart of all these milestones and memories lies the people. WKBCC President Daniel Cole encapsulates this sentiment perfectly, saying, “It's fantastic to be a finalist for such an award. We have many people at our club who work tirelessly to ensure we succeed both on and off the field. Our junior and female cricket pathways are something we are especially proud of, and we aim to continue to build on this for many seasons to come. Thank you to our members, our sponsors, the Peel Cricket Association, and the City of Rockingham."

In the vast canvas of sports that stretches across Rockingham and spills into the larger Peel region, the WKBCC stands not merely as a cricket club but as a beacon of warmth, dedication, and excellence. The Sports Star Awards might be a single evening, but the legacy of the White Knights Baldivis Cricket Club is timeless. Whether they seize the award or not, they have already won many hearts and carved a special place in the Baldivis sporting community.

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