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New Bylaws

The PCA Committee has been hard at work during the off season listening to feedback from players and clubs to update the Bylaws to meet the needs of the competitions. The new Bylaws were approved by the member clubs on the 7th of September and can be found in the Documents area. Some of the updates include:

  • Updates to match the new PlayHQ requirements

  • Removal of the A Grade Player Point system

  • Creation of A and B Grade within the Female competition.

  • Clarifications to player eligibility for finals

  • Updates to Junior Bowling Policies

  • Creation of a new Competition Referee position to process all disciplinary matters

  • Clear processes on how tribunals will operate

  • Introduction of a new Club Championship point system

  • Introduction of white ball cricket in A Grade, to be rolled out to lower grades in future seasons.

  • Changes to Power Plays in A and B Grade

Playing Conditions and Timelines are now separate from the main Bylaws document, all of which can be found here. Make sure to read the documents and reach out to your Club Committee, Captains, or the PCA Committee if you have any questions about the changes.

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