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Peel Cricket's Peter Ritchie Nominated for the City of Rockingham's 2023 Sports Star Awards

Head shot of Peter Ritchie
Peter Ritchie

Peel Cricket and Rockingham Cricket Icon

The PCA congratulates, Life member and current Treasurer Peter Ritchie of the Shoalwater Bay Cricket Club for his well-deserved nomination in the John Brown Lifetime Achievement Memorial Award category at the City of Rockingham’s 2023 Sports Star Awards. This remarkable achievement is a testament to Peter's exceptional dedication and contributions to the world of cricket and sports.

An incredible array of accomplishments has marked Peter’s remarkable journey through the realm of cricket. With an astounding 50 years of dedicated service to WA cricket, his tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed. Last year's recognition at the WA Community Cricket Awards further solidified his standing as a true icon in the cricket community.

A consummate player, Peter's impressive record speaks for itself. Having represented the Shoalwater Bay Cricket Club in a remarkable 350-plus games, he has been a constant source of inspiration and leadership for his teammates. His presence was also felt beyond the club, as he proudly represented Peel CA over 77 occasions at Country Week, Country Masters, and Focus Cup representative cricket. His passion and talent also earned him spots in the WA over 50's and 60's teams, showcasing his prowess on a broader stage.

Yet, Peter's contributions extend beyond the boundary lines. His exemplary service in various committee roles further underscores his commitment to the cricket community. Serving as the PCA Committee Member for well over ten years in the roles of Vice President and PCA Treasurer for six years (and counting), He has also held positions of PJCA Vice President, PJCA Treasurer, WA Country Cricket Board Member, and Peel Cricket Board Member; he has played an integral role in shaping the sport's development at different levels.

Notably, Peter’s legacy also includes being a founding member of the Rockingham-Mandurah District Cricket Club, a testament to his enduring dedication to fostering cricket at the grassroots level.

Recognition has followed Peter at every step of his journey, as reflected in his Life Memberships with the Shoalwater Bay Cricket Club, Rockingham-Mandurah Cricket Club, Peel Junior Cricket Association, and Peel Cricket Association. These accolades are a testament to his indelible mark on the cricketing landscape.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Sports Star Awards Gala on September 20, 2023, at the Gary Holland Community Centre in Rockingham, we extend our best wishes to Peter Richie. His nomination for the John Brown Lifetime Achievement Memorial Award is a celebration of his achievements and a recognition of his unwavering passion, commitment, and dedication to the world of cricket. Peter Richie, you inspire us all, and we are truly proud to celebrate your journey.

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