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Well that was different...

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

We've heard of night cricket, but I think this might not be what they had in mind!

It was a fantastic start the to Retravision Peel Premier League this week with the Game 1 clash between Singleton Irwinians and White Knights Baldivis at Peelwood Reserve. The game was a tight contest with WKBCC needing 10 runs off the final over when the unthinkable happened - the lights went out! Unfortunately the game could not be completed and SICC were declared the winners under the DLS method.

The PCA committee has engaged with Mandurah Council to ensure we won't have this unfortunate circumstances occurring again.

Thanks again to our wonderful sponsors for helping make the Retravision Peel Premier League possible. The full match is available to rewatch at The Pavilion Youtube Channel. If you want to skip ahead to the fun and excitement, it starts just before 02:57.


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